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"SIM" system for passive tracking against the lost

Engineers in Hacettepe Technopolis have developed a local software that can give the coordinates of the person's location with a deviation of 10 centimeters via the SIM card. SELMA KASAP - Engineers in Hacettepe Technopolis have developed a local software that can give the coordinates of the person's location with a deviation of 10 centimeters via the SIM card.

The "person tracking system", designed as a watch, necklace or key chain, also enables the family to communicate with their child continuously with its "push-to-talk" feature. The system, which finds the missing person, albeit in another part of the world, can be designed in various ways for children, the elderly and the sick.
Speaking to Anadolu Agency (AA), ARGUS Defense Manager İbrahim Sezgin said that there are many drawbacks in the use of foreign-sourced person tracking systems in Turkey, and that there is no domestic production of these products.
Stating that they have developed Argus Search systems (AR-A) for children, patients and the elderly with the work of R&D teams on the sad news about children recently, Sezgin explained that the system is designed in forms such as wristbands, watches and jewelry.
Stating that the system works in two different categories, Sezgin explained that the model they made in the form of small watches, wristbands, necklaces and key chains works with infrared readers called RFID, and gave the following information:
"This system does not work with any SIM card. When the child goes out of the area determined by the family, it gives an alarm or information. This distance can be 50 meters or 20 meters ... As soon as the child leaves this area, the doorbell is stolen, the mobile phone alarm is activated or "It also warns families when the siren is beeping inside the house. Since this system is not connected to any GSM operator, it can be obtained much cheaper."
-Constantly communicating with the person and the satellite
Sezgin stated that the other categories are also in the form of watches, and a SIM card is inserted into this model. About the following model, Sezgin said, "This SIM card communicates constantly with the connected person and the satellite. At the same time, it enables the child to communicate directly with his/her family by pressing a single button in the form of 'push-to-talk'. "This system can find the missing person. This notification instantly informs your mobile phone of the location of the person you want to know, with a deviation of 10 centimeters."
Explaining that the call systems have GSM and GPS features, Sezgin noted that the system can instantly report the coordinates and location status to the apparatus, mobile phone or tablet, laptop that the person will be with.
Sezgin pointed out that if the SIM card system is installed in the cars, the stolen cars can be found easily even if they change country.
- Established a Call Center
Explaining that the system can be used without making an agreement with any operator, Sezgin said, "Thanks to the software we have developed, you do not need to make any notification to the GSM company. When a simple SIM card is inserted into this watch, the system starts to work. After that, by calling our call center, he can get the coordinates of his child's location from us. "If there is any doubt, they can transfer these coordinates to the security units themselves, or we can transfer them. We have also established the necessary Call Center for this. We can track people very quickly, without paying any extra cost to GSM companies by putting the product on a child's arm or putting it in their bag."
Sezgin said that it would be possible to add the child's or patient's heart rate, blood pressure and similar health status criteria to the information flow.
Sezgin added that since the software is native, the system can also be made for Alzheimer's patients and prisoners, and that formats such as electronic handcuffs can also be developed.

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